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"Working with dilettantes 
demoralizes professionals"
David Ogilvy

David Ogilvy was born in England, but found his recognition in America.
He opened branches of his company in more than 30 countries and saw himself as a man of the world. David Ogilvy lived a long life, he died in 1999.
He happened to experience glory in life and to be convinced of the fidelity of his creative and leadership principles.


carrying out assessment activities, building an organizational structure, removing the company from a crisis situation, it is possible to find new partners


"The interest in life in all its manifestations is the secret of great creative people"
Leo Burnett
1891 - 1971.
The business philosophy of Burnett was based on his famous statement: "Trying to get a star from the sky, maybe you do not always get what you want, but certainly you will not find yourself with a clod of dirt in your hand." When Burnett decided to open his agency during the Great Depression, he lent 50 thousand dollars under his insurance policy and a mortgage on the house.


a successful leader needs to constantly learn, so that it is possible to cope with competitors and stay afloat, coaches come to the aid. A voluminous and detailed program for small companies and large companies to highlight their shortcomings

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